Are you using Scrum?

Are you trying it with DevOps?

I want in!

A map to building software

  • Combine the practices you actually use into your own software process.
  • Experiment with new practices and see how they fit together. Try DevOps. Bring in TDD. How would User Stories work in what we do?
  • Are you covering the entirety of the software process? How sure are you?

Open, flexible and method-agnostic

  • A library of software practices

    Choose from foundational methods like Scrum or Kanban and combine them with whatever practices you use or want to implement. We've teamed up with the creators of the top agile methods to offer great information and guidance on the practices you use.
  • Authoring, bring your own practices

    If we don't have the practice you want you can add your own practices, flesh them out, learn how they fit with other things and truly make it your own.
  • Built on an Open standard

    TeamSpace is built on Essence. Essence is an OMG standard which means we do not control it. This protects you from vendor lock-in, ensures that you can take your with you, integrate it with other things and any number of other good and important aspects.

Are you curious?

I want in!